marți, 17 martie 2009

O alta zi in "paradisul cazut" numit viata

Multi pitici pe creier si decizii grele de luat. O alta zi in "paradisul" numit viata. Oricum azi am fost a master of disaster, am daramat cam totul in calea mea, am fost zapacita si ametita, enervata, in sensul bun si sensul rau, nebuna si obosita spre finalul zilei. "Imbibata" de muzica, stiri, injuraturi si prieteni. Dar pana la urma tot am pitici pe creier. Si totusi: "I've been travelinOn this road to longJust trying to findMy way back home the old me is dead and gone Now I'm straight, Now I get it now I take Time to think, Before I make mistakes Just for my familys sake That part of me left yesterday The heart of me is strong today No regrets I'm blessed to say The old me dead and gone away". Dar ..."if you won't save me please don't waste my time". O alta zi in "paradisul cazut" numit viata.

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